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J & S Fresh Fish Retail and Wholesale

We stock a wide variety of quality fish and fish products: fresh daily fish, smoked fish, seasonal shellfish, display fish, exotic fish, organic, farmed and prime fish.

Daily fresh fish supply

Because we endeavour to supply the best quality and freshness, we aim to supply line-caught and drift-netted fish from small day boats, wherever possible.

For wholesale open an account

J & S Fresh Fish aims to fulfil any special request for unusual fish, shellfish and fish products. To place an order you will first need to open an account by calling 02380 268 525

Volume of suppliers

Our large volume of carefully selected and approved fish suppliers, located all around the coast of Great Britain and Europe, enables us to establish the best possible continuity of fresh fish supplies during every season throughout the year.

Wholesale Customers

Our aim is to supply top quality fish and fish products to a wide range of discerning customers, specialising in fishmongers and establishments serving the general public. Now able to supply to the restaurant and hotel trade.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated and experienced team aims to guide you from day one with a variety of fish selected throughout the year. When the orders are placed we ensure they are dealt with in an efficient manner with attention to detail in mind. We are passionate about fish and people! We are currently planning in-house training schemes to keep traditional skills alive and have also hosted some “pop-up restaurant” events for people wanting to try something new.

We offer an extensive range of fish

  • Fresh fish: sliced; whole filleted; steaked; or portioned to customers requirements
  • Smoked (e.g. (hot and cold) salmon, haddock, cod, eel, cod roe, herring, mackerel)
  • Seasonal shellfish (e.g. crab, native/ Canadian lobsters, scallops, mussels, whelks, cockles, prawns, langoustines, oysters, palourdes, shrimps, clams, etc.)
  • Exotic fish (e.g. snapper, tuna, marlin)
  • Farmed fish (e.g. salmon (whole fish/ filleted/ staked), trout, gilthead bream, pink bream, halibut, cod)
  • Prime fish (e.g. sea bass, brill, dover sole, john dory, halibut, lemon sole, monk fish tails)
  • Organic fish (e.g. salmon, trout)
  • Wild fish salmon and sea trout when in season

Prepared Fish

On request we can also obtain fish prepared to your specific requirements (e.g. filleted, skinned, pin boned, staked etc.)

Home Delivery

if you’d like a home delivery, drop us a message or give us a call. The shop is well stocked with delicious fish and a great selection of deli products for you!